90-Minute Health Consultation (Herbs & Diet)

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Schedule a 90-minute consultation to address acute or chronic health conditions using herbs, nutrition, and diet.

What You Will Experience

  • An assessment of your overall health picture & symptoms
  • Learn a relaxing breathing exercise you can do daily to enhance your health
  • Prioritize your top 3 health goals
  • Explore ways of nourishing your body and supporting your emotional health
  • Explore how herbs and diet can support any topic of interest ranging from inflammation, detoxing, immune health, liver/kidney/lymph health, brain health, cardiovascular health, digestive health, hormone balancing, metabolism, allergies, mood/emotional health, stress, skin health, and more.
  • Evaluate what serves your health and what does not serve your health
  • Explore herbal support and how to increase nourishment in your meals.
  • Create a plan for achieving your health goals with simple practices you can begin now.
  • Access to cookbooks, recipes, food prep ideas, and culinary tips to inspire you herbally in the kitchen
  • A PDF with a summary of your consultation of recommendations

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