2 x half gallon jars filled with fresh pressed apple juice are to ferment with air locks and become hard cider
Apple Juice has been fermented into hard cider after 1 month.  A normal white bacterial film was forming on the top.
Stage 2:  I combined the 2 half gallon jars into 1 gallon to continue fermenting in an aerobic environment with a cloth covering to keep bugs and debris out.
1 week into the 2nd stage of fermenting
10 weeks into the 2nd stage of fermenting. It is starting to taste like ACV but it still has a cider note, so I will continue to allow it to ferment and check on it weekly until it has fermented into Apple Cider Vinegar.
10 Week, Close Up - The white film has mostly disappeared as just a thin layer remains now
Having fun and enjoying the beautiful and organic, family owned Fieldbrook Apple Farms Orchard...
Our harvested apples were cleaned and are being pressed using an old-fashioned press...
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