Tapping (EFT)

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I have recently incorporated “tapping” into my classes and when I work with clients. We do a very basic round of tapping during the energy warm ups of all my classes and I incorporate short introductory tapping meditations in my Energy Healing and Qigong classes. I also use tapping with my clients who are struggling with specific healing, emotions and trauma around their healing and to release the blockages preventing them from embracing the lifestyle changes they need to better support their health.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) commonly referred to as “tapping” or “Energy Psychology” is a western and more modern approach to working with the meridian energy pathways of the body for healing. It involves tapping on meridian or acupressure points for healing while we think about a situation we would like to address. Studies are showing amazing healing benefits and shifts when we tap on these points including:


*Calming stress, anxiety, fear and panic

*Releasing the stress hormone, cortisol

*Stimulating uplifting and feel-good hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin

*Bringing balance to the brain by calming the brain waves triggered by stress and stimulating the brain waves which keep us grounded, calm and at peace.


As we encourage these physical responses in the body when we tap, we reprogram the brain to no longer create a stress response related to that specific situation you are thinking about and instead feel at peace with it.   

Tapping gives us the opportunity for self-reflection and therapy. As we express how we feel when we tap, we acknowledge our situation. Once we acknowledge how we feel about something, we can release the stress and harm from holding onto that feeling and can create positive experiences around that situation. We gain more compassion for ourselves, our life and EVERYTHING we experience. We begin to re-program the mind to not see that event or situation as a stressor or threat and instead create positive feelings and change our perception or story around the experience. It allows us to think outside the box and see the whole bigger picture of life.  

Tapping has many benefits and is becoming praised for its high success in treating PTSD, stress management, fears, phobias, panic, anxiety, heightened emotions, addictions, weight loss, pain management, healing chronic disease, regulating epigenetics and more.

There have been over 100 studies published on EFT and 98% of those studies showed efficacy, suggesting EFT is an effective modality for treatment. 48 of those studies were controlled.

To learn more about EFT or Tapping, please visit The Tapping Solution for basic instructional videos, Q&A, introductory tapping meditations and more. They are a wonderful resource and have compiled resources on the research and science currently being done in EFT.

I would also recommend visiting 2 other leading researchers in the field of Energy Psychology, especially if you are interested in reading more about the research and science:

Dawson Church at EFT Universe and has a free E-book EFT Manual you can download to learn more as well as extensive info on the research and science.  David Feinstein at Innersource, also has videos, resources to download and an extensive list of links to various studies being done in the field of energy medicine. Both have published articles in science journals and are authors of various best-selling books.


My Healing Experience Using EFT

By the time I discovered EFT, I had been practicing herbal medicine for almost 15 years as well as diet, nutrition, tai chi and qigong for over a decade. I had some great tools to support my healing journey and to pass on to my clients and students; however, I was still dealing with some blockages. As I would address one aspect of healing, something else would pop up elsewhere. I was playing a chasing game and not really getting to the underlying emotional and energetic root of my ailments and imbalances. I achieved great healing and support for myself but still could not overcome the final hump to really feel healthy again and would fall back into old patterns and feelings of guilt, shame and resentment of why I was so unhealthy even with all the steps I was taking to be vibrant, healthy and resilient.

Then I discovered Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and this interesting tool called tapping. After 2 weeks of including the “5-minute Daily Energy Routine” from Donna Eden which includes a tapping exercise, The 4-Thump’s, into my morning practice, I was experiencing some significant shifts in my healing and energy levels. I could really feel a difference with every exercise. I decided to delve deeper into tapping and explore more.

I will admit, at first, I was a little skeptical but once I read some studies, looked at the science and then experienced it, I was hooked. At first, I used tapping to help me with stress management and to deal with the superficial things in my life triggering stress. When I would feel myself getting a little anxious I would start tapping on my heart or finger tips and instantly feel calm again. When I would feel stress and a heavy pit in my stomach, nauseous, lack of appetite or emotional food cravings, I would tap on my check bones, the stomach point, and feel relief in 1-2 minutes. When I needed clarity and was feeling mentally bogged down, I would tap on my bladder and 3rd eye points or the crown points to clear the energy in the head. If I needed a boost of energy, I would tap on the collar bone points and feel a sudden flow of energy throughout my body and feel more alert and awake.

I incorporated tapping into my life daily, participating in the Tapping Summit meditations, searching and listening to meditations from the Tapping Solution’s Insider’s Club and following along with meditations in various books. I did various 21-day Tapping Meditation Programs and it didn’t matter what I was tapping on, it felt great! I could be tapping on something specific I wanted to address (relationship, finances, resentment, healing, pain management) or I could be tapping along with something not relevant to me at all and I still felt good afterwards. Soon, I noticed an overall peace in my life. I was no longer reacting to my stressors. I was more optimistic about our finances and my career. I began seeing more opportunities coming my way which I would have turned away before thinking I wasn’t good enough or didn’t have time. I began to value myself and body more, having more compassion for myself and life’s experiences. I felt like I was walking through life anchored and grounded, yet floating, carefree and light. I had more patience and perspective.

My fears even started dissipating. My friends and family became shocked and couldn’t believe how calm I would be when a spider was crawling on me which would have previously triggered panic and anxiety, even though I knew that spider would not hurt me. I have better control over my food cravings and stronger will power overall. I can have those dreadful conversations and react less when I am upset about something. I even find myself procrastinating less and getting more accomplished in a day. It really is amazing!!

As I began releasing the energy blockages I was holding onto, I was experiencing life in a whole new way, with heightened senses and perspective. I feel so much more when I practice tai chi and qigong. My energy flows stronger and my form has improved which I contribute to both tapping and various exercises from Eden Energy Medicine. I am more alert, my reflexes are more acute, and I walk through life being more mindful and present in each moment. I still have an overactive mind and still think about the things I must do but my mind does not race a million miles an hour anymore. I can let go of things and not dwell on them anymore. When I need to, I can calm my mind and my meditation practice is coming with more and more ease as I incorporate tapping with it. I can fall asleep easily and have higher quality of sleep. Before tapping, I struggled with insomnia since childhood, would frequently wake up and struggled with falling asleep, no matter how exhausted I was or even what herbs I took. I rarely felt well-rested, even after a full night of sleep and heavily relied on caffeine to get through the day.

After clearing many superficial blockages, I began addressing some of the deeper issues in my life and then used tapping to help me clear blockages in my career and give me more perspective to focus on rebranding myself and following my dreams. Putting myself out there online and reaching beyond my small community I live was more intimidating than I ever realized. I feared being judged, criticized or saying something wrong. I have been self-conscious of my body and my voice most my life so the idea of doing videos and webinars really scared me; however, I still felt a calling to do it. I didn’t realize on a subconscious level, I was keeping myself small and local instead of following what my heart was compelling me to do with my career and life as healer and herbalist. Tapping helped me realize this and helped me release it so now I feel at peace with my body and appearance. I feel more empowered and more confident. I feel radiant and ready to shine my light with the world and share all the wonderful gifts I have learned to support me on my healing journey with anyone who will take the time to listen with hopes of being a ripple in the healing journey of others and the world.  

We all have different journeys in life. If you resonate with my healing journey and would like to become a client to see how integrating Energy Healing tools such as “Tapping” along with other lifestyle changes can support you on your journey to health and vitality, refer to the “Become a Client” page.


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