Nut Cheese

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~ Cashew Cream Cheese ~

I have always been curious about making nut cheese but was not expecting it to be so easy and delicious.
I look forward to exploring other recipes and adding herbs and spices to the cheese.


2 cups raw cashews, soaked for 5-6 hours

Salt (for soaking)

Children’s probiotic capsules (I used 5 since they are significantly smaller

than regular probiotic capsules) 

Date Prepared: October 20, 2017

Date Harvested: October 22, 2017

Length of Ferment: 2 days


I added the cashews and water into my vitamix and pureed it into a thick creamy consistency.I lined a fruit mesh basket with fine woven cheese cloth and poured the mixture into it. I placed the basket in a casserole pan with a little container to help prop the basket up to contain the draining liquid. After a couple of days of sitting a room temperature, there were some splotches of yellow discoloration on the surface. My guess is it was some of the liquid that did not drain off that started to dry out a little. I scraped off the top layer and placed it in the fridge to continue draining for another 2 days. I then scooped out the creamy cashew cheese and placed it in a container. We have been enjoying this delicious and creamy probiotic goodness on artisan bread crackers and as a dip for fresh fruit. I have even added a spoonful to our smoothies and made a creamy icing for muffins, sweetened with elderberry syrup for a healthy cupcake-like treat. 


The yellow discoloration mentioned above was scraped off, but it was likely harmless.I got concerned at first that I was not draining enough liquid as there did not seem like much draining out, but my guess is maybe cashews do not have much to drain out and results in a creamier consistency like chevre or cream cheese.

What Would I Do/Try Differently Next Time:

I look forward to trying different nuts and adding various spices. I also want to try a different method of draining (hanging the bag so it is suspended up) to see if that helps remove more liquid but I use my sink and counters way too much, so I am not sure if I can hang the bag from the faucet or cupboard knobs for the required fermenting time and I need to be able to easily move the cheese out of my way, so I can maneuver around my very small kitchen.

Soaked cashews pureed in blender.

Basket lined with cheese cloth and propped up to drain and ferment
Covered to sit out on the counter for 2 days.

Covered to sit out on the counter for 2 days.

Yellow discoloration started to appear on day 2 which looked like some whey that did not drain out was starting to dry as the room temperature was getting warmer.

I scrapped off the top layer and enjoyed some AMAZING and creamy cashew cheese.

My favorite was serving the cashew cream cheese on artisan crackers with homemade apple thyme jelly and apple slices.

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