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Explore Immune & Emotional Support from the comfort of your home…

“Thriving Through Coronavirus”

30-Day Online Course Begins April 2

Register now during this limited-time offer for 66% off the regular price.

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Don’t miss this invaluable offer and explore tools to support you for a thriving life of resiliency and flow.

We can thrive through this virulent virus by supporting our resilience through immune support and self-care.

That is what this course will be about. Taking this world-wide crisis and PANDEMIC to reset our beliefs around self-care and illness. To take this opportunity to slow down, take a break, and do our self-care. An opportunity to create healthier habits. I think there is a silver lining to all that seems dark and unknown.

This is the movement into health and self-care becoming a priority and way of living.”

Join the movement by registering for this course and learn various ways you can add healthful energy and lifestyle practices into your life.

Along the way, you will learn traditional approaches to healing which are now being validated by modern science. Explore the newest thoughts on healing from the functional medicine world as it applies to all chronic illness, including coronavirus.

Scroll down for weekly details of what to expect from this course….

What will you get from this course…

  • 4 Weeks of live-streamed classes, recorded for your convenience with lifetime access to your course. Plus bonus Q&A live calls, even after completing the program.
  • Bonus Videos, Audios, PDF downloads
  • 30 daily self-care tips delivered to your email and course page to support your immune system. and emotional healing.
  • Explore over a dozen delicious recipes rich in vitamin C, anti-viral, and immune support.
  • Tools for strengthening your immune system and restoring your circadian rhythms.
  • Reduced stress response and less anxiety with enhanced feelings of peace and acceptance.
  • A self-care routine, setting time each day and week to do something nourishing and healing for your immune system.
  • A mindfulness practice, connecting and engaging your senses to your environment, body, breath, and life experiences.

Why should you invest in this course?


When we are healing and supporting the body, it is important to address the emotional component and this course will do that. This course will be more than just taking herbs and supplements and learning why these recommendations support us.

We will be going through an experience together, supporting each other through these life changes and unprecedented times. We will be building a strong community of support during a time when we need more community than ever. When we can be thinking about ways we can support not just our selves, but our friends, family, and community as a whole, even through social distancing.

There are many online courses available but they usually focus on one or two modalities, such as only diet or detoxing, only herbs, or just meditation and emotional healing. This course is different in that it integrates not only physical support but also the emotional component to healing. You will learn (all in one course) how to support the immune system using various modalities of

  • Exploring Healthy Lifestyle Habits & Self-Care
  • Diet, Nutrition, and Juice Plus+
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Restoring Sleep & Circadian Rhythms
  • Detoxing & Intermittent Fasting
  • Hot/Cold Therapies
  • Deep Breathing & Meditation
  • Qigong Stretching, Massage, and Tapping
  • Microbiome & Gut Healing
  • Mitochondria Support
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  • EMF Protection

The value you will be receiving will be priceless as the tools and recipes you will be exploring have the potential to significantly improve the quality of your life, for the rest of your life.

They can encourage your innate healing and enhance your energy and vitality, creating more resilience. You can have all this life changing information available to stream and download at your convenience.

Course videos will be released weekly and recommendations will be emailed daily. All course content and recommendations will be listed in your course for lifetime access. Remember you can do this course at your own pace.

Weekly Breakdown of Course & Bonuses

WEEK 1: Preparing for Covid-19

What we know about this virus. How to prepare the immune system for viral infections. What to stock up on. How to make your own hand sanitizers.

What herbs and supplements should you consider stocking up on. What are my top recommendations you can begin implementing now to support your immune system.

Bonus Materials:

  • Self-care & stress video
  • Self-care E-book PDF download w/ video guide
  • 10 minute daily meditation to reduce stress & anxiety
  • 10 minute tapping meditation for fear, worry and anxiety
  • Simple 1-2 minute breathing exercises to reduce stress and rewire the emotional response around worry, fear, stress, and anxiety.
  • A 5-10 minute qigong acu-tapping routine to support immune health, stress, and detoxing

WEEK 2: Food, Spices, Nutrition

How spices support the immune system and ward away viral infections. How to use nourishing herbs and wild edibles in your food to support the immune system and detoxing. The amazing role of medicinal mushrooms how they will be key support for the coronavirus.

Considerations for an anti-viral diet, cultured foods/beverages and addressing microbiome healing. What is the easiest and best way to increase your nutrition and bridge the gap of your diet. How you can start your own garden even if you do not have any experience or a green thumb and why growing your own food and herbs will be even more important.

Bonus Materials:

  • PDF Guide to supporting the Immune System
  • PDF Guide to spices and nutritional support using herbs and food
  • PDF Guide to managing your Allergies
  • PDF Guide to how to make your own fermented recipes, with creative ways of enjoying probiotic and prebiotic rich foods.
  • 15 minute tapping meditation to support resiliency

WEEK 3: Restoring Healthy Lifestyle Habits and Circadian Rhythms

Explore how you can support your circadian rhythms for optimal sleep, detoxing, and immunity. Discover healthy lifestyle habits which support your individual needs and add value to your daily routine.

Discover exercises, herbs and considerations for improving the quality and duration of sleep. Explore intermittent fasting, EMF protection, earthing and other considerations for restoring your circadian rhythms and immune resilience.

Bonus Materials:

  • PDF Guide to restoring circadian rhythms
  • PDF Guide to “A Restful Sleep Routine”
  • 45-minute Qigong class “Qigong Self Massage for Immune Support” where you will learn how to effectively massage the body and various acupressure points to enhance organ functions and detoxing while regulating the immune system.
  • Video and live Q&A to fine tune your self-care routine

WEEK 4: Addressing the Mind-Body-Emotional-Spiritual Connection to Health

In our final week, we will integrate what we explored and assemble to puzzle pieces to see the whole picture of what makes us healthy and resilient. The connection between our mitochondria and microbiome and how it affects our connection to our environment and ability to adapt to be resilient and healthy.

How supporting this connection is the secret to healthful cells, increased resilience, efficient immune functions, detoxing, stress management, and more.

How our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are all connected to create your “healthful picture”.

Bonus Materials:

  • A list of ways to improve mitochondria functions
  • Grounding meditation with body scanning and deep breathing
  • A video talking about grief and ways of preparing yourself for loss and supporting yourself during and after loss

What you will experience…

  • The support and sense of community to help you through these unprecedented times and through your self-care.
  • Enhance your mind-body-spirit connection to feel empowered, whole and at peace with your life as you encourage your innate ability to heal, recover, and restore.
  • Begin releasing the tension and stress you carry throughout your body and feel more relaxed and at ease, allowing the body to restore.
  • Begin restoring your gut health, liver, hormones, metabolism, detoxing, and more.
  • Using spices and nourishing plants to ward away illness and support healing.
  • Learn how to use fermented/cultured foods to support your health and microbiome and why taking probiotics is not enough to restore gut health.

Bonuses you will receive…

  • Lifetime access to course content and materials.
  • Access to recipes, articles and resources to stay healthy and informed with PDF downloads.
  • A FREE Self-Care E-book with a 6-week journal to help you create a self-care routine to support your individual lifestyle and health needs.
  • Audio and video recordings of classes, meditations, and exercises to support your health.
  • Various videos of qigong exercises to encourage lymph drainage and immune functions. Plus a 45 minute class guiding you through qigong and lymph self-massage.
  • Access to Juice Plus+, the next best thing to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • A chance to win a Nourishing Culinary Spice gift basket with the core spice recipes I use to support my family’s immune systems. With the added benefits of improved flavor and medicine in our meals. Includes 3 spice blends (Mexican, Poultry, and Chili Blend), a nourishing sprinkle, and immune boosting broth.
  • Discount for enrolling in the accompanying “Qigong for Resilience”. An 8-week class series where we will explore various exercises, stretches, and qigong practices to support immune resilience, stress, detoxing, endurance, and more.

Thrive through the coronavirus and these life-changes with resiliency and healthful energy! I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on this journey.

With Gratitude, Love, and Blessings!

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