Why I love Juice Plus+

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I love flooding my body with nutrition as I know plant-based nutrition is key to supporting every function of our body.

Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, I still indulge and am a busy self-employed mom. There are times when it is challenging to get 7-14 servings of fruits and veggies in my family’s diet daily.

That is why I do the best I can and add diversity of whole food plants I would not be able to eat every day with the Juice Plus+ solutions. My body feels amazing when I feed it 20-50 fresh whole plants daily and we enjoy all the products.

I decided to join and sponsor my son in the Family Healthy Starts Study when he turned four and I noticed a difference within 1-2 months for both of us, with more benefits over time. We get sick less often, have more energy, crave more fruits and veggies, and eat healthier overall.

Over the years, I have been recommending Juice Plus+ to my family, friends, and clients. It is wonderful to see how Juice Plus+ is supporting their health journey’s too.

To sum it up, I love and appreciate Juice Plus+ for the following:

  • The extensive research and science that back ups why Juice Plus+ and whole food nutrition is key to being healthy.
  • How each ingredient used is picked at peak ripeness and maturity to ensure maximum nutrition.
  • How whole fruits and vegetables are used, including the nutritionally dense parts we typically don’t eat like the skin and peels.
  • The high standards and quality of ingredients, all GMO FREE.
  • The overall ethics of the company and what they do philanthropically to support and inspire healthy living around the world.
  • Most of all, I appreciate how we feel and notice the difference when we are taking or not taking our Juice Plus+
  • It is affordable, especially with the opportunity to participate in the Family Health Study and sponsor your child(ren) for free.
  • The sustainability and ethics of the company and the people involved.

Juice Plus has been a wonderful inspiration for our healthy lifestyles. We are gardening more and eating healthier overall. It is important for me to support ethical companies and the more I explore Juice Plus+, the more amazed I am at their mission and the people involved in the company.

I am proud to be part of this movement inspiring healthy living around the world. Let me know if you are interested in the products and/or joining the company. I would love to have you be part of my team inspiring the health of others.

If you are interested in learning more, you can go to my Juice Plus website to explore the products and company. Schedule a FREE 15 minute appointment to explore more, ask me questions, and sign up if you are interested.

Spread the love

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