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Mindful Healing Immersion

with Candice Brunlinger

A self-care immersion course for stress management, energy healing, restoring microbiome health and enhancing gut-heart-mind coherence for wellness and vitality.

Early Registration Discount Ends September 11th. Course begins September 22 and meets every Sunday until November 10th.

Register by Phone, Email or in Person. Secure your registration by sending a paypal payment to contact @ herbal living and healing.com (no spaces). Humboldt County Residents may pay using local check or cash.

Call the number on the bottom left corner to register or ask questions.

Registration is limited! Secure your immersion experience today!

Candice Brunlinger,

Holistic Health Consultant, Stress Management Consultant, Certified Herbalist, Certified Fermentationist and Tai Chi Instructor

Candice Brunlinger has an integrative approach to health using plant medicine, diet, self-care, stress management, mindfulness and energy healing tools such as Tai Chi, Qigong, EFT and Eden Energy Medicine. Her classes, workshops and writings focus on ways of integrating these healing modalities into our daily lives and routine in a practical and convenient way so being healthy is “a way of living”.

When we get ourselves out of survival mode and reverse the stress response using simple mindfulness practices and plants, we can begin restoring our mind-body connection.

Then the healing can begin.

Learn how to manage the stress in your life. Feel amazing with energy, vitality and resilience as you ride the waves of life.

Work one-on-one as a client (email for availability and to schedule your first intake appointment), take the “Manage your Stress” mini course (coming soon), and check out any of Candice’s other online and local classes/workshops.

Visit her website at https://herballivingandhealing.com and https://humboldttaichi.com.

Like and follow her facebook pages Herbal Living and Healing,  Herbal Living and Fermenting and Humboldt Tai Chi. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube @herballivingandhealing

“Every breath is a giveaway dance between you and the plants. Breathe this in. Plant Spirit Healing vibrates like a harp string, shimmers like a spider web, and is destined to be a warp thread in the re-weaving of the healing cloak of the Ancients.”

~ Susan Weed

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