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Local in-person classes have been canceled and office is closed!

All local classes are canceled until further notice to practice physical distancing, reduce the spread of covid, and protect our at-risk community members.

Stay healthy, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, take your Juice Plus+, laugh, deep breath, connect to the earth, garden, and enjoy some self-care!


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Take the edge off and leave your session feeling relaxed and at ease.

Reverse and reprogram your stress/emotional response.

Enhance your feel-good hormones to elevate your mood and support your health.

Customize your experience for an integrative approach to your healthful life.

Set goals and feel supported as you explore practices to enhance your health and well-being, one step at a time.

Access all your resources, recordings, videos, and pdf’s in your own secure online page.

Online Classes and Resources!

Qigong for Resiliency (8-Week Series)

Thriving Through Challenging Times: Exploring Immune & Emotional Support

Coming Soon: Stay tuned for the following upcoming online workshops and classes

*Connecting to Plant Spirit Medicine

*The Rainbow Diet for your Family

*Mindful Living

*30-Day Self-Care Challenge

*Beginning with Herbs

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12 Ways to Thrive: Supporting Health and Resiliency

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